No.  There are no fees charged to you. We charge the customers that hire you to work a fee.

A Genie is a person that provides their skills and works on our platform for customers that pay them.

Yes. You have complete control over choosing and modifying them at any time.

It’s the free market baby!  How much you make and if you get jobs is completely up to you.  Depending on your profile, pictures, skills, rate/cost you have and consumer demand in your city(s).

Of course!  Make that money fam.  Work the jobs you see fit with Genie124.

Genie124 is has just began its consumer services.  The advantage you will have, is the ability to dominate your area, master your skills and cities while we slowly ramp up the program.

When you hire a Genie you pay a support fee of 21% of the total final amount to Genie124.

Get 50% off that fee this year using promo code: CALISTART50   

(it will be applied at final checkout prior to paying)

Contáctanos por correo electrónico en español en [email protected].

If you are ready to hire a Genie now, click “Hire A Genie” below.  If you are looking to get hired as a Genie, click “Join Us”.

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